Atopic dermatitis is mostly seen in young infants and children and less frequently during adult life. The disease is relatively easily diagnosed due to the type of skin lesions and their the areas they appear on the skin. While eczema can be relatively easy to control, frequently it is mistreated and hence cause much suffering and may lead to potential complications and side effects due to the misuse of steroid preparations. Eczema is frequently associated to food allergies particularly at an early age.

Contact dermatitis is inflammatory reactions of the skin following contact of the skin with certain substances. It is mostly seen in the adult and is frequently related to certain occupations (hair dresser, dry cleaning), makeup, certain hobbies, certain chemicals (such as the inflammatory reactions of the feet resembling athlete feet due to certain shoe chemicals) or the skin contact with certain metals such as gold or silver in relation to jewelry. A thorough investigation is needed to identify the offending agent including detailed history and patch skin testing.